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Anne said:
Wednesday, 13 Apr 2016
I am just starting my recruitment business and have found your tips very useful.
Colin said:
Monday, 3 Nov 2014
Looking to set up an agency very soon,look forward to your updates. Regards Colin
Zoe said:
Friday, 17 Oct 2014
An amazing website with great information. It has really helped me! Glad I have found it!
Steven said:
Friday, 1 Nov 2013
Hello, I have set up my limited company. Started Contracts my self. Signed up to a company who will deal with any employees I may employ in the future. I have a recruitment/PA to help me find employeeys Whats steps must I take now?? Thanks Steven Holmes
Ray said:
Thursday, 17 Oct 2013
Hi, I found the site really informative, having been in the industry for a number of years the prospect of setting up on my own was a bit daunting, this site helped enormously.
Catherine said:
Tuesday, 11 Sep 2012
I really like this website and my dream is to build my own recruitment business and now I am doing it !! Because so much I can learn from this website ..thank you so much to inspire me to achieve my dream
Tet said:
Thursday, 2 Aug 2012
I am thinking of starting a recruitment agency. This site seems to provide most of the information I need. Thanks Tet
Marvin said:
Thursday, 29 Mar 2012
I welcome your expertise. i am in the process of starting my own recruitment consultancy. i would greatly appreciate all the support you can give me.
Dean said:
Thursday, 2 Feb 2012
Exactly what I needed to inspire my venture. I've now gone from deliberating to action. - Many Thanks!
Abhinav said:
Monday, 12 Sep 2011
Nice website, really helpful...
Irene said:
Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011
I would love some one to contact, as I need help Thank you
Hawa said:
Sunday, 28 Aug 2011
I recently started tninking of opening a recruitment agency. I didi not have the slightest idea on how to start. This has been very informative and honest especialy how it is emphasised that it is hard work!!!!
Florence said:
Thursday, 28 Jul 2011
This is a wonderful venture!
Ferdinand said:
Saturday, 18 Jun 2011
We only have a spark of putting up a recruitment agency in our place, but upon reading your articles, that spark leads to explosion of ideas on getting it started. Thanks for sharing them!!!
Mpei said:
Saturday, 4 Jun 2011
Your information is very helpful. im working on starting a recruitment agency and a call centre and for recruiting I think I have all I can ever need. Thank you very much keep it up. if you have more information on call centre please dont hesitate to sent me. Thank you again
Relss said:
Monday, 16 May 2011
We are a young company aimed at serving the African market. We have come so far thanks to the tips from your website! Much thanks
Evelyn said:
Thursday, 5 May 2011
Looking forward to your exciting newsletter!
Kim said:
Thursday, 17 Mar 2011
A great site with lots of useful information - thanks.
Elsie, Sedinam said:
Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011
I just wants you to guide me on how to start my own recruitment agency this year. I would appreciate it if all information sent me will be based on how to go about it. thanks
Carol said:
Monday, 7 Feb 2011
I found the information on your website very informative. I am searching for new avenues to grow my existing recruitment business and came across this medium. Thanks!
Anonymous said:
Friday, 4 Feb 2011
One the most helpfull site I got to see , for guidens
Mamby said:
Saturday, 1 Jan 2011
As much info would be greatlly appriciated.
Vinay said:
Thursday, 18 Nov 2010
Fantastic website.Full of information. Very useful for starter. Thanks & Best Regards, Vinay
Lerato said:
Thursday, 29 Jul 2010
I would really like to know how to structure my fees that I charge to companies. I am int he process of opening a recruitment agency.
VERNY said:
Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010
Excellent -- WOW Im so inspired to open my own business know.
Petra said:
Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010
Very intersted in all your helpful info on opening a recruitment agency. Thanks.
Shekhar said:
Tuesday, 25 May 2010
I found the overall information very useful. Interested in getting to know more
Rajnish said:
Friday, 21 May 2010
Great help for aspiring enterpreneurs. Thanks.
Precious said:
Thursday, 20 May 2010
I find the articles really useful for me.
Mohsin IJaz said:
Thursday, 13 May 2010
Very informative site..........great work!!! I really impress to your efforts regarding this complicated topic
Sivakumar said:
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
I appreciate the work you guys are doing , very useful for new businesses
Shahzad said:
Monday, 10 May 2010
Here I can get a lot of information..
Joseph said:
Friday, 7 May 2010
Looking forward to fruitful relationship
Anonymous said:
Tuesday, 27 Apr 2010
Hat a great website. am thinking of starting a rec business, and you have realy made me stop and think. thankyou
Amina said:
Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010
I am impressed by this website which I find very interesting.
Devon said:
Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
Hi i would like to know about the drawing up of contracts and all that. thank you
Abdus Salam said:
Saturday, 20 Mar 2010
I have found many very useful tips on this site and will be using some of them immediately. Many thanks.
Amanda said:
Thursday, 18 Mar 2010
I have found this information 'very straight to the point' I have been on a few websites and they havent provided me with practical information you have here. Thank you. Look forward to recieving newsletter.
Helen said:
Saturday, 13 Feb 2010
No comments yet but looking forward to contributing in the future Cheers Helen
Payal said:
Tuesday, 9 Feb 2010
Its an excellent site and really helpful and it gives the true picture of "HOW" to start. Thanks, Payal
Raeesah said:
Tuesday, 2 Feb 2010
Thank you for the lovely information. It is striking , to the point and will assist me greatly in my new endeavour.
Malcolm said:
Monday, 1 Feb 2010
Excellent and informative site. I am in the process of setting up my own agency and any assistance would be appreciated.
Shawn said:
Friday, 29 Jan 2010
Excited to explore this resource! Thanks!
Dharamvir said:
Thursday, 28 Jan 2010
Excellent information even experience recruitment agency companies...
Love said:
Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010
Thinking of starting nurse recruitment agency as part time from home but do not know how to start. please help. Thanks Lovelyn
Shazia said:
Sunday, 3 Jan 2010
Your website is a great guide for me, as I only have a few years exp.
Pat said:
Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009
Your website is a useful wealth of information for new starters like me.
Shaun said:
Monday, 21 Dec 2009
Excellent and informative!
Gareth said:
Monday, 21 Dec 2009
Fantastic website, very easily navigated and extremely informative. Will come in handy next year when I open my own agency.
Stefan said:
Saturday, 12 Dec 2009
Excellent website, very informative and most helpful.
Abdul said:
Saturday, 5 Dec 2009
I would like to receive your newsletter. thank you
Joydeep said:
Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009
This is a great place to read your mind. There are so many things which is there in your mind and as you go on reading the different topics that are mentioned here, you actually feel that someone is reading your mind. Lot of queries which I had has been answered in this site and I look forward in receiving the News Letters in my inbox.
Margaret said:
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009
Well written understandable format, informative Thankyou
James said:
Sunday, 11 Oct 2009
Great site, Thanks
Anonymous said:
Thursday, 8 Oct 2009
A very good site and the information provided is very useful.
Stella said:
Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009
This is a very useful site. I would love to join in on the discussion forums
Kehinde said:
Saturday, 26 Sep 2009
You can not believe what your site has done for me. Been highly educated this morning on the new business I want to embark on. Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn through your site. Believe I should have the best recruiting agency in my city. Do keep the good work going. Kenny Gee
Emma said:
Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009
A great site that provided lots of useful information and that gave me that extra boost of confidence to start building up my own recruitment agency!
Rob said:
Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009
Very informative site covering all the topics in a easy to read format.
Kabir said:
Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
Pl. send me your news letter and other assistance you can give me to start a recruitment Agency. Thanks kabir hussain
Catherine said:
Monday, 3 Aug 2009
This web site is really amazing and helpfull for me in setting up my own recruitment..it really details and complete...thank you so much
Zak said:
Thursday, 4 Jun 2009
Found it very useful and I am ready to start my own recruitment agency in Kuwait.
Abadir said:
Tuesday, 12 May 2009
Your site is very informative and I have greatly appreciated the info, its accurate and precise.
Mimi said:
Friday, 27 Mar 2009
Thhis is a great site. It would be good to have more information on the infrastructure needed to run a successful recruiting business. E.G. How do you store your CV's / start and maintain a data base with out having to spend a fortune etc
Paul said:
Sunday, 15 Mar 2009
Interesting site - well structored, covers all major points and provides comprehensive information, much neeeded
Akbar said:
Thursday, 12 Feb 2009
Excellent Website for the starters for keeping themselves up to date with current rules and regulations of Recruitment Idustry. Secondly helps new starters to establish their brand with a proper guidance. I am glad to be member of this valued organisation working behind this excellent informative website. Wishing all the Best Best Regards A. Mirza Country Head Job N Job UK Ltd
Peter said:
Tuesday, 6 Jan 2009
The concepts discussed on this website are great, as they do sum up what some naturally to some people.
Simon said:
Saturday, 27 Dec 2008
Excellent source of info.
Rich said:
Thursday, 27 Nov 2008
What a great site, for both beginners and a refresher to those who have been in the game for a while...
Riyazi said:
Friday, 14 Nov 2008
Amazingly informative site..!!!
Ryan said:
Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008
Your articles are very well written
Indrani said:
Friday, 26 Sep 2008
Very Informative, comprehensive site.
Renuka said:
Friday, 5 Sep 2008
I am planning to start my own pharma recruitment consultancy. To collect valuable information I want to receive your new letter. Thanks & Regards Renuka Verma
Ian said:
Monday, 11 Aug 2008
I found your website, educational and in depth, overall very useful. Cheers!
Abdulqadir said:
Sunday, 20 Jul 2008
Very nice tips, thanks
Joanna said:
Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008
Great idea- I like the website a lot